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Please do not open this website or the Tfilon software on Shabbat and Yom Tov.

לעברית לחץ כאן

Current Tfilon version: 0.2.21 From Night of 11 Adar 5781 (22.2.2021)

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Please note! Israel is using winter time now, so DST setting in Tfilon should be set to "Off".

Tfilon is now also for Android and iPhone. Search for it in Google Play store and Apple AppStore or download the APK file (for Android) from here!

Important note: later on this page there are usage instructions for Tfilon. It is important to read them because there are features you won't know about without reading the instructions.

On this page the version of Tfilon is with English menus. If you want the normal Tfilon go to the Hebrew homepage.

You can try Tfilon on your PC. Just download this file and any Tfilon version you want (Not the JAD file). Extract the zip file to the same directory you put the Tfilon file and double-click run.

Links for downloading Tfilon

All versions on this page are with English menus. For the regular Hebrew Tfilon go to the Hebrew homepage
Regular Tfilon
It's JAD file
Tfilon with special additions (including Torah Readings)
It's JAD file
Tfilon nusach Ashkenaz only
It's JAD file
Tfilon nusach Sfard only
It's JAD file
Tfilon nusach Edot Ha'Mizrach only
It's JAD file
Android version

What is Tfilon?

Tfilon is a siddur for cellphones
So what's special about it?
The special thing about Tfilon is the fact it show the prayers correct to the Hebrew date (Yaale Ve'Yavo on Rosh Chodesh, Al Ha'Nisim on Chanuka and Purim) without using the phone's internet.
All time and date calculations are done in the phone itself!
There is an option to show special things, such as Va'Anenu Bore Olam or a preyer for sick people, and you can select what day you celebrate Purim, and there's much more.

Tfilon's Features

  • Shows Halachic Zmanim (sunset, sunrise and more) for 120 cities around the world.
  • Switch dates on sunset
  • Full Torah Readings
  • Preferences screen
  • Night Mode
  • Kammatz Katan
  • Sof Passuk
  • Yaale Ve'Yavo on Rosh Chodesh and Holidays
  • For Shabbat Keepers only (no special davenings on Shabbat)!!!
  • Random Dvar Torah before Birkat HaMazon
  • Al Ha'Nisim on Chanuka and Purim
  • Sfirat Ha'Omer the way you say it (meaning not Today 20 days, but Today twenty days, which are two weeks and six days in the Omer, or for Sefaradim, Today twenty days in the Omer, which are two weeks and six days), together with Chassidic Sefirot.
  • Shows all relevant Hosafot by the Hebrew date (Aseret Yemei Teshuva, Taanit)
  • Nusachs available: Ashkenaz, Sfard and Edot Hamizrach

Usage Instructions

Preferences screen

  • Default Nusach - Your default nusach
  • City - The city you're in, important for currect Zmanim
  • Vaanenu Bore Olam - Do you want to show Va'Anenu Bore Olam or hide it. If you choose to show it, it won't hide automatically on summer time.
  • Yehi Ratzon for sick people - Do you wan't to show a davening for the sick or hide it.
  • Names For Yehi Ratzon - Enter here names of sick people to daven for. Hebrew only!
  • Purim - Do you celebrate Purim on YD Adar, TU Adar or both? This setting will take effect only after reseting Tfilon.
  • DST - Is it DST where you are now?
  • Font Size - Select the font size that is most comfortable for you. This setting will take effect only after reseting Tfilon.
  • Night Mode - Means white text on black background
  • Default Screen Mode - Is the default fullscreen or not?
  • Special Text Color - Color for special texts (Yaale Veyavo, Al Hanissim.
  • Titles and Instructions Color - Color for the different titles and instructions.
Notice you need to press Save and not Cancel. On some phones it's in a seperate menu.

Zmain window

Here you can see the Halacic Zmanim for the current date.
The Zmanim:
  • Hebrew date
  • Special messages, such as Yaale Veyavo or No Tachanun
  • Daf Yomi
  • On Fridays: This week's Torah Reading, candle lighting time and Shabbat ending for two Shitot
  • On Erev Yom Tov: candle lighting time and Motzaei Yom Tov for two shitot
  • On Fridays and Erev Yom Tov, if it's more than one day (such as Rosh Hashana or Yom Tov Sheni Shel Galuyot out of Israel or A Yom Tov that is close to a Shabbat) Tfilon will also write how many days it is and will show the ending of the last of them
  • Sfirat Ha'Omer (When needed)
  • Alot (dawn)
  • Misheyakir
  • Sunrise
  • Sof Zman Kriat Shma (M"A & GR"A)
  • Sof Zman Tefilla (M"A & GR"A)
  • Midday
  • Mincha Gedola
  • Mincha Ketana
  • Plag Hamincha
  • Sunset
  • Stars out

Nusach Selection window

If you have a single-nusach version, you don't have this screen.

Davening Selection window

The davenings in the current version of Tfilon:
  • Shacharit
  • Mincha
  • Arvit
  • Kriat Shma on the bed
  • Tikun Chatzot
  • Birkat Hamazon
  • Mein Shalosh
  • Sheva Brachot
  • Seder Brit Mila
  • Bore Nefashot
  • Asher Yatzar
  • Tfilat HaDerech
  • Kidush/Birkat Levana
  • On Omer days also Sfirat HaOmer appears here
  • On Chanuka also Candle lighting

While davening

Up\Down (on some phones also 8 and 2 work): Scroll one row up or down
Left (on some phones also 4 works): Page Down
Right (on some phones also 6 works): Page Up
Pound (#) - Toggle fullscreen
For touch-screen users, you can also drag the davening.
To skip between different parts of the davening press the buttons the phone shows. Sometimes you must wait a bit untill these buttons show up.

On which phones does Tfilon work?

A phone not listed here wasn't tested yet.
Phones that have JAD written next to them need the JAD file to be downloaded to the directly using the phone's internet. You cannot install via computer.

Version with all Nusachim

Nokia - 2330, 2600c-2, 3120, 6120, 6230i, 6288, 6300, 6500 Slide, 7210, 7310, E51, E65, E66, E71, E72, N80, N82, N85, N95, N95 8GB, N97, Q6600, Touch 5800 XpressMusic
Sony Ericsson - C510, C905, J105i, W595, W760i, W910, W995
Motorola - V3
Samsung - SGH-E250 (JAD), f480, S8300
i-mate - JASJAM
BlackBerry - Bold 9000 (JAD)
All Android and iPhone devices

Version with one Nusach

In addition to phones listed above:
Nokia - 6070

Phones Tfilon doesn't work on

Samsung - SGH M310, i7500, SGH U900,
All LG phones


Ori Hollander